School Appearance via Video Conference
March 2018

Ronald Kidd led reading and learning activities at Fulton Avenue School #8, Oceanside NY, based on his Freedom Riders novel, Night on Fire. Kidd answered questions for an auditorium full of students, teachers, and parents, who then held discussions about racism and responsibility.

Book Signing at ALA Annual
June 2017

Albert Whitman & Company hosted a double signing event on June 24 at the American Library Association’s annual meeting in Chicago. Ronald Kidd signed his book Room of Shadows, about Edgar Allan Poe in modern Baltimore, and Patricia Bailey signed The Tragically True Adventures of Kit Donovan.

Interview about Night on Fire
December 2016

The popular book website Q&A with Deborah Kalb features an interview with Ronald Kidd about his Freedom Rider novel, Night on Fire. Here’s a preview:

“I imagined the Freedom Riders coming through my town, and I watched as people I loved stood by and did nothing when the riders were beaten up and their bus burned.

“What would I do? How could I try to make it right? As I pondered these questions, a 13-year-old girl named Billie came to life, asking these same questions and determined to do something about them.”

Paterson Prize
April 2016

Night on Fire was named co-recipient of the 2016 Paterson Prize, awarded by the Paterson Poetry Center in Paterson, New Jersey, to the year’s best novel for middle grade readers.

A Bank Street Book of the Year
March 2016

Night on Fire has been chosen as a 2016 Bank Street Book of the Year by the children’s book committee of the Bank Street College of Education. Committee members “consider literary quality and excellence of presentation as well as the potential emotional impact of the books on young readers. Other criteria include credibility of characterization and plot, authenticity of time and place, age suitability, positive treatment of ethnic and religious differences, and the absence of stereotypes.”