Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Giveaway

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Giveaway

If you like science fiction and fantasy, you may want to enter a new contest in which you can win up to 35 novels, including my YA novel Dreambender.

This “YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Giveaway” is run by Booksweeps. By signing up for author email newsletters, you become eligible for a drawing in which you can win free books and an e-reader. The contest started Monday February 24 and ends Wednesday March 4. Click here for information and signup.

Dreambender is about a future world ruled secretly by a small group that controls people’s dreams. Jeremy, a dreambender in training, encounters beautiful dreams that he can’t bring himself to bend. He meets the dreamer, Callie, and together the two of them confront the dreambenders and try to help fix a broken world. Read more