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Happy Birthday, Dad

I wrote this tribute to my father in 2007 to be read at his memorial service. This year, on what would have been his 100th birthday, I’m sharing it in gratitide and admiration.

I Am Addicted to Stories

For a long time I thought I simply enjoyed reading. As a boy I went to the library once a week, twice in the summer, and checked out as many books as I could carry. I started with John R.

Mr. Nelligan

I never could figure out whether he played the trombone because his lip was shaped that way, or whether his lip was shaped that way because he played the trombone.

Almost Camping

At some point when I was growing up, my parents decided we would start going to National Parks for vacations. Our first trip was to Yosemite, a short day’s drive from our home in suburban Los Angeles.

We’ll See You at the Starbirds’

Every year during the Christmas season, no matter what we plan, sooner or later we end up at the Starbirds’. We’re drawn there like kids to cookies, reindeer to rooftops, shepherds to a star.


Does anyone remember filmstrips? In case you’re too young to have seen them, these were still pictures usually projected on a rickety fold-up screen, with recorded narration and a bell or bong or beep telling you when to advance the frame.

Music Night

In my family, Friday night was music night. We would play instruments together, the three children on tambourines and whistles at first, then on trumpets and piano. Russ, three years older than I, was the first to study music; Carol, three years younger, was the last.