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Unleashed! The Secret Lives of White House Pets

Alongside the presidents and their families, some crazy pets have lived in the White House. From John Quincy Adams’s pet alligator all the way to First Puppy Bo Obama, the White House has been home to lots of four-legged friends. Now readers can get an inside look at the animals that have accompanied our nation’s leaders.

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Chasing George Washington

Dee, José, and Annie are touring the White House when they accidentally knock an old painting of George Washington off the wall—and the first president escapes! As they race to put him back, the three meet other famous people who lived in the White House.

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Teddy Roosevelt and the Treasure of Ursa Major

Archie Roosevelt is a typical kid—except that his dad is Teddy Roosevelt, the president of the United States, and they live in the White House! When Archie and his siblings get their hands on a treasure map, they are on the hunt. From the cluttered study to the spooky attic, the map takes them on an adventure through the White House and its history, and leads them to a treasure they’ll never forget!

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Undercover Kid

Maggie Murphy, eight years old, loves mysteries. In her neighborhood, she’s the first kid on the scene when there’s a missing bicycle or a runaway puppy. She loves dressing up as a “spy” (always wear black and lurk), and she can usually be found at the scene of the crime, gathering clues and asking questions. Sometimes she actually solves the mystery.

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Family Under Fire: A Story of the Civil War

One summer day in 1862, eleven-year-old Billy Baldwin and his nine-year-old sister Emily, are playing with toy soldiers in their front yard, when they look up and see a real soldier standing over them. The handsome man, a captain in the Confederate Army, is their cousin Charles from Georgia, and from the moment he appears on their doorstep the Baldwins’ lives will never be the same.

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Danny Dorfman’s Dream Band series

Danny Dorfman can’t stand it. The gross Spinoli twins think they can steal the fourth-grade talent contest with their stupid baton-twirling act. Danny has a better idea. His band is going to rocket to the top performing his original song, “Too Bad, Baby.” Too bad, Danny, is more like it, because Danny’s band exists only in his mind. Can Danny find a band in time to make his dream come true? For a boy with a dream and a really cool jacket, nothing is impossible.

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Picture Books

Habitat for Humanity Picture Books

Grandpa's Hammer
Grandpa has always been a man of strong beliefs. Then one day he suffers a loss, and it nearly costs him his faith. Setting aside his hammer, he retreats deep inside himself. Bringing him back again takes all the love his dranddaughter can muster.

Raising the Roof 
David loves spending time with his mother and father, especially at the park on Saturdays. But one Saturday they can’t go, because his parents have volunteered to help at a Habitat for Humanity building project.

Doorway to the World 
What’s an International Partner? That’s what Ben wants to know, because Habitat for Humanity has selected him to be one, along with his mother and father. Ben’s parents explain that Habitat’s International Partners travel to other countries, live with the people there, and help them build the decent houses they need.

Building Friends 
Rosa is new to the neighborhood. To make her feeel at home, Rosa’s parents have built a treehouse, and she loves to sit there, safe among the branches, watching the world go by.

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On Top of Old Smoky 

A collection of Appalachian folk songs and stories, edited for children and illustrated by famed folk artist Linda Anderson. Songs and stories are presented on an accompanying audiocassette. 

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The Nutcracker 

Enter the magical world of The Nutcracker through the enchanting dreamland of twelve-year-old Clara Stahlbaum. It all begins one night at the first stroke of midnight as Clara discovers a place of brilliant dancers, white horses, and a handsome prince in a magnificent castle.

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The Littlest Angel Meets the Newest Angel 

Heaven’s favorite cherub has tumbled headlong into another adventure. Sibling rivalry invades Paradise with the arrival of the Newest Angel. No one pays any attention to the Littlest Angel anymore, not even when he does the backstroke in the Fountain of Eternal Life. But worst of all, he is forced to share the Elysian Fields—his special place—with the intruder. With the Newest Angel’s help, the Littlest Angel learns to share and finds a lifelong friend. 

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The Littlest Angel Earns His Halo 

Whatever is the Littlest Angel to do about his dented halo? The answer to this perplexing question is unraveled during an eventful day in Heaven. While everyone prepares for the return of the King, the Littlest Angel pesters all the adult angels for help. 

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Other Writing


Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas
“The Secret Life of Ricky Stratton” (Silver Spoons story credit) 

Educational Films

“Winnie the Pooh Discovers the Seasons”
“Skills for the New Technology” (series of three)
“I Love a Computer” 

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Movie Novelization

Little Big League
Billy Heywood, a twelve-year-old baseball fan, has just inherited the Minnesota Twins from his grandfather. As the new owner and manager, the first since the days of the Philadelphia Athletics, it's up to Billy to pull the team out of its slump, negotiate with some very large egos and somehow get the Twins into the playoffs. Despite the pressure, Billy executes the smartest strategy in the majors--he convinces his players to have fun, and in the process, Billy is forced to rediscover his youth as well. 

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  • Wall-E
  • Finding Nemo
  • Brother Bear
  • Treasure Planet
  • Dinosaur
  • 102 Dalmatians
  • Tarzan

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Storybooks with Licensed Characters

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Blue’s Clues
  • Scooby Doo
  • Doug
  • Yogi Bear
  • Disney classics

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